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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe in high quality plate what performance

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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe plate has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, can make coal, cement, lime and mineral powder, salt, cereal powder material hopper, silo and chute liner. Due to its excellent abrasion resistance, self-lubrication and not sticky, make the powder material in storage and transportation equipment, adhesion phenomenon does not occur, ensure stable transportation.


This high wear-resistant plate in order to adapt to various environmental conditions of installed applications, can be designed to be assembled connection structure can be customized according to user requirements, convenient for installation and maintenance. Installed as operating conditions is very difficult in the coal mine hopper, chute, metallurgical industry for applications such as hopper, can thoroughly solve the transport binding and plugging material in the process of this problem, to achieve safe and efficient normal production.


Areas of application: can be widely used in mining, coal preparation plant, metallurgical industry, power plant, shipbuilding and other departments of conveying liquid, solid and solid-liquid mixture of funnel, leakage tank, frame, the chute of scraper conveyor, grid plate, flotation machine, plate, ship's cargo compartment lining board, large slider, harvesters, skip car lining abrasion and corrosion of application, has the unique advantages of value.


Service life is higher than steel, wear resistance is 3 ~ 7 times of carbon steel and stainless steel; Small friction coefficient, self-lubricating, not bibulous, not binding material, high impact resistance strength, good comprehensive mechanical properties, acid, alkali, salt corrosion, not aging, low temperature resistance, health, non-toxic, light weight, the proportion is 1/8 of the steel. Therefore, is used as a bulk material storage and transportation equipment lining the best materials, such as storage, chute, etc. Widely used in electric power, steel, coal, and so on industries.



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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe in high quality plate what performance