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Our company

Changhong is a new but amazing, professional manufacturer of pipes and water-saving materials with its core projects pipes and pipe fittings products. With high quality products and professional technical services, Changhong has won wide recognition in this industry.

Our employees

We advocate "Virtue is essential and diligence will be paid back" and respect the integrity of personality, strict and pragmatic style of work and foster activity, leadership and collective spirit. Our employees are result-oriented, skilled specialists. They are enthusiastic about work and devote their heart and soul to the development of Changhong.

Changhong's outlook on talents

"Scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented" is Changhong's outlook on talents and its staff is the most valuable resource. We endeavored to create an ideal environment in order to attract, develop and retain the best talents. Our employees enjoy their revered status, broad space for development and challenging work, meanwhile, their outstanding performance will be paid substantial returns.

Changhong's objectives

The goal of Changhong's whole staff is "To be the leader of China's pipe industry" and through perseverance and hard work, our company will grow to be a world class enterprise.

Changhong business philosophy

Help each other to create brilliant
Cooperate and share to grow together

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