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Changhong heating system

Changhong is a new but amazing, professional manufacturer of pipes and water-saving materials. With high quality products and professional technical services, Changhong has won wide recognition in this industry.

Changhong's advantages

Changhong continues to increase investment in research and innovation. Combining extensive application examples for the vast number of customers and experiences accumulated in the construction and system applications, Changhong aims to provide customers with superior underground heating solutions

1)Precise design

2)Strict construction

3)Comprehensive sale service

Construction of the underground heating



Changhong use the highest quality materials and services to solve your heating problem. In accordance with CJ/T175-2002, PE-RT pipe belongs to heat-resistant piping systems whose major material is ethylene-octene copolymer. It is a material with unique molecular structure dominated by linear ethylene chain, together with controlled branches, which has good water resistance performance. It has good softness, security & health and is easy to bend and will not warp during the construction with prominent low temperature impact resistance, hot melt & reliable connection avoiding leakage which is perfect for under floor heating.

Characteristics and advantages of Changhong's products

◆ Environmental protection: Changhong's products can be recycled without pollution.

◆ The stability of processing performance: There is no issue of cross-linked uniformity whose simple processing endows products with stable performance.

◆ Permanent service life: It has strong adaptability, good resistance to chemical corrosion with an average service life of more than 50 years.

◆ Reliable connection: Hot melt connection forms a completely closed system which can avoid leakage and achieve convenient connection.

◆ Health: It is healthy with no poison and smell.

Technical Service

Heating system