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The company drainage products are: PVC -u solid wall drain series spiral pipe series products, PVC -u

Drainage pipe specifications, pipe fittings supporting complete, can satisfy all kinds of design requirements. PVC -u drain products have cast iron cannot compare with the advantages of long service life, corrosion resistance, more light weight, easy to handle in construction installation and simple connection and other characteristics, widely used in civil building drainage drainage, chemical drainage drainage, rainwater and other fields.

The company produced all pipe fitting products are PVC resin as the main raw material, adding suitable amount of the stabilizer, lubricant, filler, toner, etc., the plastic extruder extrusion molding and injection molding machine.


Changhong's advantages

Precise design


 Construction of the drainage


 Changhong product features and advantages
♦ Scientific and reasonable formula design, high tensile and compressive strength.
♦ scientific and reasonable formula design, high tensile and compressive strength.
♦ stable performance, good corrosion resistance
♦ material level is high, thin wall thickness design, large displacement.
♦ good aging resistance, normal use life can be up to 50 years.
♦ construction is convenient, save investment.
♦ light weight, convenient transportation and handling.
♦ connecting sealing good, eliminate leakage hidden trouble.

Technical Service

Drainage system